A Cheat Sheet on Gaza

We too seldom get a succinct clear backgrounder when you need one. 11 points on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to explain what's happening in Gaza right now. [More]  Here's another good piece from the New York Times, proving once again how vital it is to see the bigger picture. [More]

The Quiet War on Asylum

Is New Zealand turning in Australia's disastrous asylum policy direction?My new book, just released in paperback. [More]

John Key, Say It Publicly

New Zealand shouldn't deal in Abbott's mentality of misery for asylum seekers. My op-ed. [More]
More Good Reads

Restaurant Phone Hell?

Wait service and cell phones. Fascinating--if it wasn't so depressing. [More]

We Beat Each Other -- At Home.

New Zealand has some of the OECD's worst domestic violence rates. Worth saying out loud just to know how bad it feels. [More]

More Favorites in Cake

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