Nothing to Declare--Or Just Nothing to Hand Over?

So now New Zealand Customs will have the keys to our digital life too? How fast will Glen Greenwald be able to walk into our door again without digital surrender? This bill stinks. lt has little to do with child pornography, as it has been so wonderfully mis-framed, and everything to do with shutting down the movement of digital freedom. [More]

The Quiet War on Asylum

Is New Zealand turning in Australia's disastrous asylum policy direction?My new book, just released in paperback. [More]

John Key, Say It Publicly

New Zealand shouldn't deal in Abbott's mentality of misery for asylum seekers. My op-ed. [More]
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UK Moves Toward Allowing Babies with DNA from 3 People

And my head explodes. [More]

Scout Finch Redux. Who knew?

Harper Lee will publish a prequel to To Kill A Mockingbird in July [More]  

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