Russia: It's an Information Canard I Tell You!

You've got to love Russian spokesmen when their country invades, they use gorgeous duck analogies to deny it. Happy Friday Folks-- and just remember,"the information contained in this material bares no resemblance to reality." [More]

The Quiet War on Asylum

Is New Zealand turning in Australia's disastrous asylum policy direction?My new book, just released in paperback. [More]

John Key, Say It Publicly

New Zealand shouldn't deal in Abbott's mentality of misery for asylum seekers. My op-ed. [More]
More Good Reads

Burton to Taylor, "You're off, by God!"

Richard Burton's good-bye letter to Elizabeth Taylor. What a way to end it. [More]

Yuss. Women Make Money.

Hedge Funds run by women outperform those run by men. [More]

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