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Tracey Barnett has been a columnist for The New Zealand Herald and a contributor to The Sunday Star Times, The Christchurch Press, The Listener and The Otago Daily Times, among others. She is an occasional television and radio commentator for TV3’s Three60, Campbell Live, Radio Live and formerly Media 3

She is also the creator of a campaign against mandatory detention of asylum seekers in New Zealand called, “We Are Better Than That” and is the author of The Quiet War on Asylum, published by Bridget Williams Books.

Her commentary work has been published in ten countries. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand.


We Are Better Than That

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Tracey Barnett, Columnist

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International Work:

Besides articles found on this site, older work has been published in:

The Scotsman [UK]

The Globe and Mail [Canada]

The Toronto Star [Canada]

The South China Morning Post [Hong Kong]

The Chicago Tribune [USA]

The Seattle Times [USA]

Japan Today [Japan]

The Sunday Times [South Africa]

Kulturaustausch Magazine [Germany]

The Ottawa Citizen [Canada]

The Montreal Gazette [Canada]

The Age [Australia]

The Daily News [Egypt]