Favourite Finds

Burton to Taylor, “You’re Off, by God!”
Richard Burton’s good-bye letter to Elizabeth Taylor. What a way to end it.
The World is More Peaceful Now than in Decades. Really.
Just when its hardest to believe, a reminder of perspective.
We Beat Each Other — At Home.
New Zealand has some of the OECD’s worst domestic violence rates. Worth saying out loud just to know how bad it feels.
China to Flatten 700 Mountains
Is it possible to have a more depressing headline?
Solar Roads, Brill!
Anti-depressant relative to the above headline for those who require it.
And Still I Rise
Maya Angelou practicing her innate Badassery. Just stop, take a minute and listen. Hard.
A Drinkable Book? Brill.
Four years of safe water in a book? Marvelous.
Generosity is for Suckers and Poor People
Refugees and Fiscal Cliffs, A Quick Primer
My brief take on the latest Australian refugee policies of Tony Abbot and why a fiscal cliff looms, for TV3’s Three60. See 23:00 minutes in.
Oscar Wannabes?
Check out some decent brain food soon to be released at a cinema near you.
A reminder.
Giving brings it home.
Map Gorgeousness
Find the world’s distribution of McDonald’s, check. Average age of losing your viriginity, check.
In Living Colour
When historic B&W images come alive in colour. Walt Whitman is gorgeous.
Dolly in Drag?
Damn, slow down Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” to 33rpm and its surprisingly lovely.
If this doesn’t rank as one of my favourite posts of all time, I don’t know what is. Sit for a minute and bask in the nerdy glory of what this God-sized view of the world means. Nerds rejoice. Mere mortals, just ponder the ramifications a simple map can produce.
[Washington Post]
1 + 1 = A Hell of a Lot More Than Two
Immigrant Math adds up.
Murray. Murray. Murray.
The man of all our dreams. A grand reprise when you need it most this weekend.
Mesmerizing Faces of War
Fascinating images of soldiers before, during and after war.
Men Give Birth
Those boys are some tough Muthas.
Nun Chucks Optional
Bruce Lee in all his gobsmacking glory, yes, playing ping pong.
Cause of Death in the 20th Century
Interesting graphic on the causes of death during the last century.
Sticks Get Just Plain Gorgeous
Artist Patrick Dougherty’s gorgeous installations.
A Vision in Hot Pink Hair
Sit, slow down and just listen.  Director Lana Wachowski gives her 2nd ever speech in beautifully meandering, incisive, pointed story-telling. Bravo. Starts about 5:15 in.  Also, Roger Ebert’s rave review of her new film, CLOUD ATLAS.
 [Lana Wachowski speech] [Ebert Cloud Atlas Review]
Best Time to Book Airline Tickets?
Ready? 21 days before domestic flight. 34 days before international.  That is all.
Barry -v- Mittens, Round II
My take on the second Obama-Romney debate tango, on TV3’s Firstline with Rachel Smalley.
[TV3’s Firstline]
If Ad Agencies Had Ethics–No, Really
Alain de Botton peddles a brilliantly simple idea; what if advertising agencies took on six key virtues to advertise each year. Can ethical advertising not be a contradiction in terms?
[The Dish]
Cardboard Bicycle Anyone?
Yuss, about time.
[The Fiscal Times]
If Charleton Heston Ruled the World
Guns might be as American as apple pie, if it was baked by Moses his very self, Charleton Heston, former head of the National Rifle Association for many years.  Three very short minutes on why we always manage to get this story wrong, on TV3’s Three60.  Tracey Barnett about 6:25 minutes in.
Fangs Bared? [check] Claws Out? [check]
My. Gawd. Truly, what must be one of the most fang-baring art reviews of all time. The Guardian ripping Damien Hirst to shreds, “Seriously Mr. Hirst–I’m talking to you. It seems you have no one around you to say this. Stop now. Shut up the shed.”
[via The Guardian]
When Young Eyes Meet A Wise Heart
This is why I love Bill Cunningham–enthusiam, young eyes and a wise heart, coupled with his enduring love affair with New York City.  
[New York Times]
John Oliver, I Love You to The Depths of Your Soul
Why isn’t there a Pulitzer for comedy?  When satire and American political insanity collide in near perfection. For every pea-brained pundit who ever wrote that Herman Cain could have been Presidential material–let alone a coherent citizen, watch this and weep.
Move It, Baby.
Because we all need this today. Really.
Naked Dismembered Chicks for Din-Din? Oh, Go On.
Marina meets Hollywood and turns it on its head–literally.
[Daily Beast]
Map: Where Gays Can Serve Openly in the Military Worldwide
Striking how few red swatches there are worldwide.
[Daily Dish]
7  Classic “What’s My Line” Episodes
This is why they called it the ‘Golden Age of Television”, watch panelists try to guess Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock, and Eleanor Roosevelt. A simpler time.
[Brain Pickings]
What Elizabeth Taylor Ate in a Day
Jeeze, suddenly I have new respect for the woman.
Fridge Portraits, Really.
Revealing photo essay of the inside of people’s refrigerators as portraiture.
Greatness Takes A While
Ira Glass keeps it simple, but so well said.
When Dance & Film Get It Right
When choreography, beautiful direction and dance come together. A take-it-slow enjoyment.
Star Trekkie’s True Force
Actor George Tekai weighs in beautifully against Tennessee’s anti-gay speak in classrooms law with something so much better.
West Wing Never Dies
It only gets better with age. What television excellence looks like, President Jeb Bartlett cursing God.
Musical Fracking
Who knew? A music video explaining fracking.
[Pro Publica]
Kisses All Around to Deepwater Drilling Fans, You Beauties
New Zealand deepwater drillers, a vintage classic especially pour vous.
You Tube
Sir Paul Does “Yesterday” Today
Sir Paul and Jimmy Fallon sing “Scrambled Eggs”. Hey, it’s a Friday thing.
Scrambled Eggs
Best Last Scenes Never Die
The last scene of an old favourite “Three Days of the Condor” sounds like it could have been made today.
Three Days of the Condor
Flash Graffiti Protests for Ai WeiWei
Giant flash graffiti of the jailed Chinese artist is popping up in Hong Kong, even projected onto soldiers headquarters. Also check out this documentary on the artist.
Fearless Artist AiWeiWei Flash Protest

Our Perspectives on Time
Love this, plain and simple. Professor Philip Zimbardo gives us his perspectives on time with some damned engaging cartoon help. Allow yourself the luxury of watching it all the way through.
Professor Philip Zimbardo

Ricky Gervais Does Dating
Like no one else….[via The Daily Dish]
Ricky Gervais Does Dating

So That Explains Glen Beck–Nazi Tourette’s
You‘ve gotta love the uber-shouting, ever-crazy, Lewis Black from The Daily Show. This time he gives us the logical explanation for Glen Beck’s existence; the man has Nazi Tourette’s. It explains a whole lot.
The Daily Show


Literary Lions and their Laudenum of Choice
Lapham Quarterly gives us one nifty list of writers and their chemical muses. There must be some way you can make this useful while picking up some gorgeous thing at the end of the bar.
Chart of Writer’s and their addictions

Only existing footage of Anne Frank
This rare, fleeting footage was taken of a wedding couple emerging from their home. Anne Frank can be seen briefly leaning out the 2nd floor window watching.
Anne Frank video footage

A Virtual Choir
Interesting, strange, haunting and inevitable.
A Virtual Choir

Tampon Ad that Finally Makes Sense
Finally a tampon ad that points out the obvious. All feminine hygene commercials must use multiple, slender women in swirling white dresses, dancing joyfully to signify menstruation. I knew that. That’s why I need a pink shaver to do my legs.
Tampon Commercial

Look Mom, I’m a Sperm
There are times in life when you just need to phone your mother and say, “Mom, I work for National Geographic. I’m a giant human-sized sperm running through a mountainpass.”
National Geographic Great Sperm Race

The Angry Voice of Reason, Patrick Kennedy
Representative Patrick Kennedy has said he won’t be running for re-election. At the ripe old age of 42, he’s been in office since he was 21 years old. So good to hear his anger in perspective at the absent press.
“The Press is despicable”

Marion Cotillard Introduces Forehead Titaes
Leave it to the elegance of French women to give us Forehead Titaes.
Forehead Titaes [via FunnyorDie]

Keep This Link for Cheap Flights
The New York Times gives a good overview of where to search out cheap alternatives for flights on the Internet. Particularly helpful for long-haul.
The New York Times Flight Shopping Online
When Detainees Return to being People
The thing that struck me about this ACLU video is finally getting to hear the words and see the a real person behind the annonymous hooded Guantanamo “detainee”. This video shows us several former prisoners behind the headlines, now released back to the UK. [via The Daily Dish]
Guantanamo Reminder

Weeping for a Fallen Friend
Soldier Barry Delaney kneels weeping at the funeral of a fellow soldier killed in Afghanistan. The two friends had wagered that they would wear this lime green dress to either’s funeral. Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell, Getty via The Daily Dish.

Required Viewing For Classrooms Everywhere
Watch this video and send it to anyone under age 80.

The Sweet Voices of Middle School
Sing it to us, New York’s PS22 School.
Pictures of You by The Cure

“Mow the Lawn”? Puhleeze–
This UK Schick shavor ad is enough to cause the fair sex to opt for a new gender. I can’t decide what is more nauseating, the pink lawnmowers, the racial references, the topiary bushes or the pussy cat allusion. Just shoot me now.
Mow the Lawn Ad

Kiera Knightley does Domestic Violence–
Well This domestic violence ad works–especially coming from such a glam source. A good example of how to use fame effectively. From The Guardian.
Kiera Knightly PSA

Sunday Show
A summary of the lighter side of the US elections from TVNZ’s Sunday Magazine Programme from two American ex-pats’ perspective. When you get onto the site, click on “full screen”. [Sorry American readers, you have to jump through a few hoops to get access.]
Cutting Edge Humour

Celebrating Obama in Auckland
Just another quiet, understated crowd of American Obamaniacs on US election night in Auckland, New Zealand.
Celebrating Obama’s Win



















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