Unreported Stories Ask Questions Too Big to Handle
Voila–my annual list of underreported stories that deserve greater due, despite burial in obscure pages. I believe they languish with small headlines because they raise questions too big and too hard to shrink into sound-bite-solutions.  Here’s just a taste–[More]
Plug-in Empathy Killers?
What if most of our interactions were shrouded in a kind of society-wide burqa — as if we voluntarily severed our ability to read facial expressions, body language, even tone of voice? How different would society look if you took away our most primal power to read people in person? [More]
Kiddies: 1, Gay Lead in Billy Elliot Writer’s Opera: Zippo
Prepare yourself for the truly shocking bit. These are the lines of an opera by Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall that caused so much contention it was cancelled. [More]

Sophie Elliot's Mother, Leslie Elliot
Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship
It usually starts with control, often in the excitement of first falling for each other. You might not think of it as control, but you do know he is exacting about some things, maybe returning his texts immediately, cleanliness, or picking him up on time. [More]
Glass Half Full Optimism
Meet The New Dirty Word– Optimism
What’s the dirty little secret to Humankind’s success?  We let ideas have sex too.  Cultural evolution depends on ideas meeting, mating and creating something entirely new when stirred together. In other words,  sex is to biology as exchanging ideas is to culture.  [More]
The Untamed Marital Beast
Marriage didn’t always look like it does now, all doily dresses and Bridezillas. For most of human history marriage was between one man and several women. [More]

Lara Logan, CBS Foreign Correspondent

The Dirty Sport of Human Trauma
Call a disabled man a feral rat, condemn a brutally assaulted war correspondent for her “hotness”. Nobody is calling it what it is, socially accepted bigotry. [More]
Christchurch Earthquake 2011
New Zealand’s Darkest Day Our Finest Moment
It was just one moment, wasn’t it?  Just one image that actually made the Christchurch earthquake hit home for you.  Just when you were getting numb to the news deluge, I’ll wager you can pinpoint one thing that truly got to you.  Hold onto that image for a minute.  Keep it safe.  You’ll need it. [More]
Photo by Tracey Barnett
All Women Need is to Win a Hot Ukrainian Wife
I have great news!  I just entered a radio contest to win a hot black guy to marry from overseas and I can’t wait to see if I won! The truth is, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had my heart set on winning another human being. [More]
Burmese refugees living on a garbage dump
Picketing For A Better Future
What if you had all the impossible assembled together—time, money, purpose, freedom from your mountain of daily responsibilities—to do whatever you wanted? No restrictions. What would you choose to do? [More]
A BPA Follow Up
The warnings about dangers of BPA plastics aren’t going away, they’re getting louder. [More]
Men and Advertising Don’t Mix
A women’s empowerment fantasy is a post-coital shot of George Clooney and yourself on the couch where you’ve just polished off the last piece of his homemade chocolate cake during the foot massage—and you control the remote. Men are trading in aspirational selling, but we’re not delusional buyers.  [More]
An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse
He got an offer he couldn’t refuse. In just two shipments, he nearly cleaned out his supplier’s entire North American stock of controversial BPA drink bottles. What sane businessman would turn down 85 per cent off?  [More]
Mow The Lawn?–Oh Puhleeze
There is a commercial now on television that features a woman going to the beach, a hairdresser, and a manicurist with a beaver.   The ad is for tampons.  Mm-hmm. [More]
When Formaldehyde and Finance Make Great Art
When Rome was burning—okay, maybe Wall Street and the worldwide financial cousie-bro markets in between– Damien Hirst was sitting behind his Mr. Magoo glasses watching a £111 million pound wall of money rain down into his hot little hands on the very same day. [More]