The Five Best Places in the World to Have Food Hurled at You
You were just waiting for this list to be hurled into the world, weren’t you? Your life is now complete.  [More]
“GIMME THAT!” He grabbed my umbrella out of my hand and ran into the Manhattan downpour. It was like taking a sucker from a sucker… I started my best Matrix Unloaded move in his direction when he turned and yelled, “YOU STAY RIGHT ‘DERE. I’m calling youse a cab.”  [More]
Only Three Weeks in New Zealand? Yeah Right–
You have been stuffing a half dozen Kiwi guidebooks inside your pillowcase at night so you can dream about a trip to the land of the long white cloud for years now. Yet when it comes time to make it happen-splat! -your trip itinerary resembles a Jackson Pollock painting. Just put this in your Blackberry and smoke it.  [More]
Shopping in New York: A Mere Mortal’s Guide
Admit it, you’re going to New York so you can finally explain why the scarlet letter “S” for shopping has been secretly emblazoned on your undies since birth. You have a mission. You’ve heard that everything is cheaper in America– economies of scale, huge choice, international retailers-but after you’ve got that plane ticket in your hot little hands it all adds up to– where do you start?  [More]