The Five Best Places in the World to Have Food Hurled at You

Tracey Barnett © September 2006

1. Spain’s La Tomatina Tomato-throwing festival; The Mother of all rotten food fights, a red-splatted guarantee your mother will never wash that mangy shirt for you again in this lifetime. Join 40,000 to make human bolognese.

2. Pike’s Fish Market Seattle, where men are men and fish can fly; And you thought heckling was a fish vendor’s only art-mitts up when each new purchase is flung at your head to stunned applause by the crowd, making every fish a flying one.

3. The ice cream throwing man in tiny beautiful seaside Podgora, Croatia; No twilight promenade is complete without watching your flying scoop of pistastio land smack dab in the cone, every time. Order a triple, and be very afraid.

4. Japan’s Bean throwing Setsuban; No, really, having beans hurled at you is a good thing-at least in temples throughout Japan in February. Drive out the evil spirits and beckon in good luck for the year– just make sure to eat a bean for each year of your age.

5. Orange throwing festival, Ivrea, Italy; Join the 10,000 nutcases who don red hats and throw oranges at each other to celebrate Violetta, the stroppy 12th Century bride who wouldn’t abide by an evil Count’s “right of the first night” antics. Remember your red hat or you’ll be pulp.

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